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About Us

Welcome to Wycombe Community Kitchen – a compassionate initiative led and run by Wycombe Mosque, dedicated to supporting families facing financial hardship during these challenging times. Our mission is simple: to provide essential food packs for those of all faiths and none, within the wider Wycombe community.

How it works:
1. Register: To receive assistance, all you need to do is complete a quick and easy registration form. We respect your privacy, and all your information is kept strictly confidential.

2. Collection Point: Choose a collection point where you can pick up your food pack. 

Get Involved:
We believe in the power of community and welcome volunteers and contributions to support this cause. If you'd like to make a positive impact and be part of this amazing initiative, please don't hesitate to get in touch, lets make a difference!

Wycombe Community Kitchen is more than just a food distribution program; it's a symbol of unity, compassion, and solidarity within our community. Let's work together to ensure that no family goes hungry and that everyone has the support they need during these challenging times. Join us in this heartwarming journey of giving and caring for one another.